All About Jake

I'm a man of many loves and interests. This blog will be dedicated to my food obsession. I want to see and taste everything the world has to offer me! I grew up in a family of eight: five siblings and our parents. We jokingly call ourselves a farm family because we would make a home cooked meal that we all would collectively prepare, and eat together on a table that my mom built by hand. I am a home chef and I started cooking as soon as I could lift a  frying pan. It was around my pre teen years, cooking a lot for my younger brother Jocqui, when I really fell in love with the culinary art. My mother, being from New Orleans has proven to be a huge inspiration for my cooking style. I mix her traditional southern style cooking, with an array of worldly flavors and styles, to give each dish a unique taste, with a little bit of exotic soul.

There will be fresh and new recipes every week, that can be enjoyed solo, at a dinner party with friends or with your loved ones. Come travel the world and explore new and exciting tastes with me!